Burgundian tradition

Doudet-Naudin is the archetype of a Burgundy Maison. It offers a full range of wines from the Domaine together with a selection of « hand-crafted » negoce wines. Doudet-Naudin is keeping tradition alive by embodying each terroir, climat and 1er cru since 1849. Christophe Rochet, the current head of Doudet- Naudin, is committed to maintaining the values of this well-respected Maison while restructuring it.

A feminine signature

Madame Veuve Point is the unique story of a woman winemaker whose Pouilly-Fuissé won the Grand Prize at the Saint Louis world’s fair, in the USA in 1904. Today, Géraldine Point continues the legacy and the vision of her great-great-grandmother and will guide you to discover all the diversity of Burgundy with over 30 appellations mainly from the most famous Villages, vinified and aged in our cellars in Beaune.

Morgon in 40 parcels

Laurent Ducognon & Frédéric Giraud have fallen in love with this historical estate, certified HVE3 and Terra Vitis, anchored in the best terroirs of Morgon since 1752. The objective of months of work in the vineyard is the quality of the grapes at the time of manual harvest. The Domaine des Souchons follows the traditional vinification processes and produces a range of wines originating from 40 unique parcels of the Morgon appellation, flagship Cru of the Beaujolais region. Grands Cras and Côte du Py terroirs offer two beautiful cuvées to discover.