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Our commitments:
Customer experience and satisfaction through:
• Maintaining the right quality-price-service ratio
• Ensuring the highest food safety policy level
• Respecting all regulations

Observing a high standard of conduct and applying health and safety rules in order to protect our employees.
Achieving continuous improvement of our economic and organizational performances.
Engaging ourselves in a Corporate Social Responsability policy through environmental, social and local economic actions, while making substainable development a business reality.

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    Women-Men professional equality index
    The GVS Group has attained the score of 78/100.

    The GVS Group has attained the score of 78/100.
    The professional equality index compares the situation of women and men within the same company.
    Graded out of 100 points, it is calculated using 5 indicators:
    • The difference in women’s and men’s salary
    • The difference in the distribution of individual raises
    • The difference in the distribution of promotions (only in business having more than 250 employees)
    • The number of employees receiving a raise after their return from maternity leave
    • The parity among the 10 highest employees

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